Tailwind Dock Diving, LLC
Facility Rules
A Tailwind Dock Diving ("TDD") liability waiver must be signed upon arrival by all parties visiting the property.
All dogs must be healthy and up to date on vaccinations.  Titers are accepted.  Any dog that appears sick or injured will be required to leave.  No puppies under three months of age are allowed on the premises without specific permission of TDD management. 
Dogs must be leashed or crated at all times, unless on the dock or in the fenced training field.  Leashes must be no longer than six feet.  Please keep at least an eight-foot buffer between dogs.  No prong collars, shock collars, choke collars, or retractable leashes are allowed on the premises.
Livestock in the area are off limits.  You will be responsible for any harm done to any animal by your dog, yourself, or your guests. 
All dogs must be clean, brushed, and have nails trimmed to protect the pool liner and training equipment.
No running is allowed at the facility unless you are a dog.  Although the ground is maintained, this is a natural setting and the surfaces may be uneven or contain dips or holes.  Because we are outdoors, in the country, please be aware there may be biting insects and snakes.
Dog owners will be responsible for any damage (dock, crates, training equipment, livestock, or property) caused by you, your dog, or your guests.
Dog owners and their guests agree to hold Tailwind Dock Diving harmless from any damage to persons, animals, or property while on the premises.  All activities are undertaken at the sole risk and discretion of said owners and guests.
Dog owners are required to:
- Pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of waste in designated trash cans
- Potty their dogs before going on the dock or in the training field
- Ensure all perimeter gates are closed and latched.  Livestock may be loose.
At the dock:
- If your dog has never dock jumped or is a beginner, you must have an instructor sign off before you are allowed on the dock unsupervised. 
- No pushing your dog off the dock or forcing your dog on any training equipment.  Be kind to your dog always.  Anyone who pushes or throws a dog into the pool or in any other way abuses a dog will be excluded from further participation and will forfeit any splash or fees.
- No food or treats are allowed on the dock.  All toys must be floatable and non-edible.
- Be courteous of others' reservations; stick to your time slot.
Human visitors:
- No running or jumping off the dock
- No smoking
- No alcoholic beverages
- No glass containers
No lifeguard on duty!  Swim at your own risk!
Waiver must be signed once yearly.